Thanks Sam

"I Just want to shout about how amazing Neil Evans is as a PT. I was initially recommended by friend to attend his bootcamps in the evening to help get fit and meet other local, like minded people. Well 3 years later and im still

Workout to Help out

Following on from the governments 'Eat out to help out' scheme, we have decided to offer a 'Workout to help out' scheme. In this time of Covid its more important than ever to look after your health and keep your weight down

7 tips for better sleep

As a Personal Trainer in Bury St Edmunds my clients often ask what else they can be doing outside of the gym to improve their health and well being. Along side good nutrition i always say 'sleep'. Sleep, and in particular the quality of sleep is

1 to 1 training in bury st edmunds

Balancing life and fitness

As a personal trainer in Bury St Edmunds and Suffolk, one of the biggest objections i get to committing to a fitness regime is, 'i just dont have the time.' My answer to this can sometimes be as simple as asking them what time they

Fitness Motivation

Its new year and its that time we all have our resolutions as to what we want to change about us or our life in the coming year. For alot of us it will be to get fit, loose weight, add muscle or run a 10