Personal Trainer Testimonials…

Not sure yet!? Below are just a few comments we’ve received from our clients, hopefully they will put your mind at ease and you are ready to start you journey with Neil Evans Fitness…

‘I hired Neil to help me get back into shape after having my 3rd baby. Not only did he help me shift the pounds, he also showed me how to tone properly and give me a strong core for all the baby carrying! I am now back in shape but still working with Neil as we have so much fun together. He doesn’t make the sessions feel like a chore which is a rare thing in my experience.’

Emma – 42, Bury St Edmunds

‘I started working with Neil in March and it’s the best decision I ever made. Im seeing results with new accomplishments occurring weekly. As a busy working mum my energy levels are rocketing and I have a much clearer head. I needed direction and motivation which Is what Neil offers. Ive never had so much fun working out and Neils style is personable, warm and positive. He genuinely cares and supports me but also pushes me. Theres so much variation in the sessions with intervals, HITT workouts, weights and running so its constantly challenging and exciting. I Highly recommend Neil as a PT

Hayley – 39, Bury St Edmunds

Working with Neil has been a real eye opener! I thought I was doing the right things before but Neil showed me how to train smarter with a bespoke programme for me. I now have a body I am really proud of and thought I couldn’t get. More importantly I now look forward to our sessions. Pushing myself, trying new workouts and having a laugh. Neils depth of knowledge, patience and upbeat attitude makes what on paper should be hard work great fun!

Phil – 30, Bury St Edmunds