Personal Trainer Testimonials…

Not sure yet!? Below are just a few comments we’ve received from our clients, hopefully they will put your mind at ease and you are ready to start you journey with Neil Evans Fitness…

Turning 50 was looming and i really felt i should up my game taking care of myself.
Neil’s Boot camp advert in January appeared on my social media one evening like a calling! So a message or two back and forth with Neil and I was signed up for a Tuesday 6pm session, Ive not looked back since.
I cant deny at first i felt that it was too much for me, but digging deep i found the determination to carry on and press through each class and start personal training once a week too.
That determination has enabled my fitness levels to progress week on week and reach new peaks that a few months ago would have been laughable.
Neil has made this venture exciting, challenging and has always offered me his full support, listening to my personal goals and helping me achieve fitness levels that excel my expectations in only a few months.
I have lost 1 stone and 3 lb and feel much stronger.
Thank you Neil and all my fellow bootcampers!! Couldnt have done this without you all.
Heres to the next few months

Debbie –  Bury St Edmunds

‘I started working with Neil in March and it’s the best decision I ever made. Im seeing results with new accomplishments occurring weekly. As a busy working mum my energy levels are rocketing and I have a much clearer head. I needed direction and motivation which Is what Neil offers. Ive never had so much fun working out and Neils style is personable, warm and positive. He genuinely cares and supports me but also pushes me. Theres so much variation in the sessions with intervals, HITT workouts, weights and running so its constantly challenging and exciting. I Highly recommend Neil as a PT

Hayley – 39, Bury St Edmunds

Having been frustrated with my fitness levels, eating habits and self motivation for a while, Neil’s boot camp rocked up at the perfect time.
My mother in law suggested we go and i thought, ‘what the heck. Its local, its a good time and its affordable’. After the first session, i cant lie, i was done in! And probably for a day or two after. But each week i felt myself changing, slowly but surely all the exercises became easier, of course all backed by the encouragement of Neil.
Sessions are always of great variety and Neil puts the focus on a range of styles and abilities, all the while keeping us engaged. Hes offered me endless support with regards to nutrition and how i can adapt my diet to suit my exercise plan.
Whilst im not at my desired weight as yet, i have lost over 2 stone and able to fit into clothing i has cast aside. I know that Neil will offer his full support to help me reach my target and beyond. Without his investment in my journey, none of what i have achieved to date would have been possible.

Jim, Bury St Edmunds