Never forget how far you have come

I’m not one for sentimental posts normally but it’s a time of reflection and change for many of us so thought I’d share.

I was having a run this morning back in my old stomping ground on the Eastbourne seafront and it got me thinking that many years ago this was were it all started for me and how my life has changed in so many ways because of it.

I wasn’t always the healthiest and fittest person in the world till I joined my local triathlon club. I started grudging up and down the promenade getting the miles under my belt, training with the club and things started to change.Not only did I physically get fitter, my mood lightened (cos I can be abit grumpy sometimes), I gained new friends, my brain felt sharper and my whole outlook on life changed. To the point were I made the massive decision to change careers and become a Personal Trainer in Bury st Edmunds. I am a totally different man in almost every way and for the better, from the one who laced up his running shoes many years ago and went for a run along the seafront for the first time.

This is the power of exercise and the power it has to change lives physically, mentally and spiritually.

By total coincidence I accepted an offer on my flat in Eastbourne this weekend so my last ties to the place will be cut and I will be committing myself to Suffolk….. so it may have been my last run along the seafront…So thank you Eastbourne seafront for the beautiful morning runs with the sun rising, the horizontal rain runs, the storm force wind runs, runs with friends and by myself to collect my thoughts.

So when your struggling with your training or anything in your life… think of your Eastbourne seafront and where things started to change for you and see how far you’ve come and how well you’ve done… then be proud of that and yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.