Why do I need a personal trainer?

As a personal trainer in Bury St Edmunds I know Im probably the last person you should ask that question to as I can list a thousand reasons why, and more importantly why you should employ me.

But lets get real. Why should you part with your hard earnt cash and give it to someone who will ultimately make you sweat and sore.

Well here are just a few reasons:

1. Don’t know where to start?

The gym is full of weird, wonderful and intimidating machinery. PTs know the secrets of these machines and can pass this knowledge onto you.

They can create a good, safe and effective routine for you and your needs. By showing you the basics and through gradual progression they can make you a regular gym bunny.

2. Avoid Injuries and help with current injuries or illness

You would never just grab a parachute and jump out of a plane. Whilst the gym isn’t as dangerous as falling out of a plane, moving heavy weights and pushing your body without knowledge, advice and being safe can be very dangerous for you.

A good PT will ensure you not only meet your goals but get there without injury. They can also create training plans to aid with current injuries and help current illness you may have.

3. Confidence to train by yourself

The first two points lead onto the 3rd. As a PT passes on their knowledge and skills to you and gradually increases the intensity and difficulty of your workouts in a safe environment your confidence in the gym will soar also.

Before you know it you will be braving the gym by yourself. As a PT it is a proud moment to see our little ones walk by themselves.

4. Bespoke plan and engaging routine.

A good PT will tailor a programme to fit your goals and needs around your body. They will also include workouts you like, enjoy and will keep you coming back. After all its your programme.

The truth is that what works for me probably wont work for you. All body types are different. Different physiology, levers, recovery times, muscle and tendon lengths and mental attitude.

This will maximise your time spent in the gym and your more likely to see results. Which leads onto the next point….

5. Manage expectations

Anybody telling you that if you do this you’ll add two stone of lean muscle in two months is either lying or trying to sell you something.

Unfortunately getting fit, loosing weight, gaining muscle or any body transformation takes a lot of hard work, determination and patience.

A good PT wont sell you a dream, but set realistic, targeted goals you can reach step by step.

Having achievable goals and reaching them with your PT increases your sense of achievement, enjoyment and will keep you coming back.

6. Break plateaus / not seeing results

So your hitting the gym, eating well and sleeping but not seeing the results?

This is very common and very frustrating but a good PT can asses what your doing and what you need to change or adapt to see those gains again.

With expert advice and motivation theres no reason you cant continually smash your goals.

7. Motivation

This is the number one factor for employing a PT.

Lack of motivation can come from all kinds of areas of your life.

My job as a Personal trainer in Bury st Edmunds is to discover what makes you tick.

Why you want to change and how? What you like doing and how we can always make your workouts challenging but fun.

People also react to different motivation. Some need a gentle nudge, some need a shove.

A good PT can create bespoke motivators for you as well as a bespoke plan to make it fun, rewarding, challenging and keep you looking forward to sessions.