My Journey to Fitness

My journey to becoming a Personal trainer in Bury St Edmunds and fitness, and I mean real fitness, started over a decade ago.

I frequented the gym before then, but was more interested in my physical appearance, how I would look on the beach or at what angle my tricep looked best…but I digress.

One Saturday morning I awoke early in a haze from the previous nights excess which of course I thought I deserved being a high flying business man in my mind. As fate would have it that morning the London Triathlon was on tele. This was a time before the Brownlee brothers when triathlon was relatively unknown.

I was entranced and decided there and then I would do this triathlon thing and being stubborn (as my girlfriend will attest) I set about being king of triathlon.

Needless to say my awesome tee shirt muscles from the gym didn’t equate to being able to swim, bike and run at all!!

Being stubborn I preserved. Increasing my swim, bike and run distance or time each time I went out.

I noticed I started to feel better, more energy, more positive, better at work and dare I say it physically looked better.

I joined the local tri club and got my first coach. This yoda of fitness caught me how to train different energy systems, when to rest and what to eat. I learnt the importance of technique over brute force and how to create a training plan that worked for my abilities and around my lifestyle.

I can say this is when I first knew I wanted to help others to feel this way and achieve their goals.

As well as a full time job and competing in many triathlons each season I immersed myself in learning about fitness, training methods, nutrition and helping friends achieve their fitness goals.


Although they were my chums, and might have felt obliged to say so, but they did all say how much I helped them, how good I was and how I should do something in the fitness world as a career.

The more compliments and success stories I got, the more I thought I could do this as a career. Then one fine day I decided to do just that.

I was once told, ‘If you don’t grow, then its time to go’. In my job at that time I wasn’t growing spiritually, mentally or emotionally. In fact I was stagnate. It was time to go and trudge the happy path to PT glory.

After studying for 2 years I finally got my Advanced Level 3 in Personal training. I can honestly say it meant more to me than getting my degree.

The hard work didn’t stop there. In fact the complexities of starting your own business and everything you must do (including writing blogs) seemed to never end.

I often shout at (I meant encourage) my clients to carry on when they want to stop so I had to take my own medicine and keep on keeping on.

I now find myself as a personal trainer in Bury st Edmunds and in a place I never thought id be. I truly have a job I love. That fulfils me and allows me to help others.