Boot Camps – Fad or alternative to the gym

Staying the course with a fitness regimen demands alot of time, devotion, motivation and money if your regularly seeing a PT.

With our modern lives and such demands on our time and wallets this can be seen as an almost impossible task. Add to that the multitudes of fitness gurus giving different advice and quick fixes it can be a minefield.

The best way to get results in your valuable time with professional advice maybe Boot camps. As well as being a Personal Trainer in Bury St Edmunds I also run Boot-camps in Bury St Edmunds and Wattisfield, Suffolk. From this I can clearly see the advantages of Boot camps over the traditional gym route.

1 – Cost – Lets not beat about the bush. Having your own PT and/or  gym membership isn’t cheap! With Boot camps being a fraction of the cost, if money is a driver, its a good option. For sure you wont get the bespoke plans, ongoing support, as much face time, personal touch and hand holding, but you will get a great, safe workout and bang for your buck.

2 – Train with others – Having others around you going through the same workout (or ordeal) can really push you harder and longer. Whether that be to beat others or to lead by example, you can achieve things easier or that you thought not possible training on your own. This leads to the next point. You make friends and its fun

3 – Friends and fun – For my Boot Camps in Bury St Edmunds and Wattisfield, Suffolk I try to instill a family feeling. Having my clients accountable for their own workouts as well as the rest of the groups and actively encourage them to support one another. It breeds a real friendly atmosphere woth joking, care for each other and banter, which carries on to the Boot camp whatsup group! I also try to make each session different, with group challenges, games and teamwork. Hopefully all this and clients seeing others achieve their goals as they do makes a real bond between them and people feel at ease and always welcome.

4 – Fitness – Obviously and most importantly boot camps do get you fit. As I constantly change the workouts and adapt them for each client so they work harder each time they come your body shape, fitness levels and hopefully self esteem and mood will improve. With a mix of cardiovascular exercise, strength training and stretching its a total full body fitness workout.